Vermont Lighthouses

Picture of the Burlington Breakwater North Light, Burlington, VT

Burlington Breakwater North Light, Burlington, VT

It would not be at all surprising if the first things you associate with Vermont would be fall foliage, maple syrup, and skiing. Lighthouses would probably not ever enter your mind. Don’t you need a coast for that? Well, yes, a coast is helpful, but it doesn’t hurt to have a really big lake, and Vermont has just such a lake – Lake Champlain.

So even though Vermont does not have a coastline dotted with lighthouses, it does have six lighthouses on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain. Of these, the oldest is the Isle la Motte Light (1829), and the tallest is the Windmill Point Light (1858) at 40 feet.

The Lighthouses of Vermont

Picture credits: The picture of the Burlington Breakwater North Light is by Rob Friesel and is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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