Vermont Cities and Towns

The Green Mountain State of Vermont has 237 towns, 9 cities, 5 unincorporated areas, and 4 gores in its’ 14 counties. For those of you not familiar with a “gore”, sometimes referred to as a “grant”, – a gore is an unincorporated portion of a county that is not part of any town that has limited or now self government. Of Vermont’s 4 gores, 2 have no population. In Vermont, unincorporated towns are managed by a state-appointed supervisor.

Vermont’s cities and towns are very popular tourist destinations. Some of the more popular include:

  • Brattleboro, the oldest town in the state with a vibrant arts community.
  • Burlington, on the shores of Lake Champlain, the largest city in Vermont.
  • The year-round resort communities of Killington and Stowe, Vermont’s second largest town.
  • The nation’s smallest state capital by population, Montpelier.

Following is a list of Vermont’s more popular cities and towns from a travel and tourism standpoint:




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