Saint Patrick’s Day in New England

Picture of a LeprechaunSaint Patrick’s day may fall on March 17, but the celebrations of the day and of Irish heritage happen throughout the month of March. Of course Boston and Massachusetts with their large Irish-American populations have the largest celebration of the day – the annual South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which also happens to be one of the largest parades in the United States.

Boston, however, does not have a monopoly on St. Patrick’s day and celebrations and attractions that both celebrate the day and Irish heritage can be found throughout New England.

St. Patrick’s Day in Connecticut

There are numerous Saint Patrick’s Day parades and Irish parades in Connecticut during the month of March, including:

St. Patrick’s Day in Maine

St. Patrick’s Day in Massachusetts

Massachusetts, and especially Boston, are pretty much ground zero when it comes to celebrating being Irish and St. Patrick’s day. There are numerous events and attractions throughout the Commonwealth.

St. Patrick’s Day in New Hampshire

St. Patrick’s Day in Rhode Island

Picture credits: The picture of the Leprechaun is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Free Art License.

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