New Hampshire Lighthouses

Picture of Portsmouth Harbor Light

Portsmouth Harbor Light

As you might imagine for a state with the shortest coastline in the United States, New Hampshire does not have many lighthouses. In fact the three lighthouses on Lake Sunapee would be more than the two that exist on the New Hampshire coast.

Lighthouses of the New Hampshire Coast

Of the two lighthouses on the New Hampshire Coast, the Portsmouth Harbor Light was the tenth lighthouse in the United States when it was first constructed at Fort Point in 1771. New Hampshire’s other coastal lighthouse is Isles of Shoals Light or White Island Light, which as its name implies, is on White Island in the Isle of Shoals.

Lake Sunapee Lighthouses

Picture of Herrick Cove Light, Lake Sunapee, NH

Herrick Cove Light

As previously mentioned, three lighthouses were built on Lake Sunapee in the 1890s as an aid to lake steamship navigation. The three lighthouses on lake Sunapee are:

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