New England Fall Foliage Report and Foliage Map

New England Fall Foliage Report Updated: 11/21/2014

Fall Color Tracker

New England Foliage Tracker for 11/21/2014

Fall Foliage Map

Fall Foliage Map for November 21, 2014


Fall Foliage Report

We are calling it a season. There are a few patches of fading color in far southern New England but for the most part fall foliage season 2014 is done.

  • Connecticut – Foliage season is over.
  • Maine – Foliage season is over.
  • Massachusetts – Foliage season is over.
  • New Hampshire – Foliage season is over.
  • Rhode Island – Foliage season is over.
  • Vermont – Foliage season is over.
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