Connecticut Lighthouses

Picture of Pecks Ledge Lighthouse, Norwalk, Connecticut

Pecks Ledge Lighthouse, Norwalk, Connecticut

There are twenty-one lighthouses dotting the Connecticut coastline. The oldest of these, which also happens to be Connecticut’s tallest lighthouse, is the New London Harbor Light. It was fifth lighthouse station in the United States when it was established in 1761.

Other notable lighthouses include the Saybrook Breakwater Light (1886), the lighthouse seen on Connecticut special license plates, the dramatic New London Ledge Light (1909), and the Stonington Harbor Light (1824) which is the oldest lighthouse in the United States built in the attached “church” or “schoolhouse” style. Connecticut even has a lighthouse on a college campus. The Avery Point Light is on the Avery Point Campus of the University of Connecticut.

Lighthouses of the Connecticut Coast

Following are the lighthouses found along Connecticut’s coast:

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