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Great Coverage of the Thunderbolt Ski Run in Adams, MA

In case you missed it, NPR’s Only A Game had a great story on the Thunderbolt Ski Run in Adams, MA.

Not familiar with the ski run? The Thunderbolt Ski Run was built as a world class downhill ski racing
trail on the east slope of Mt. Greylock in 1934. It was, at the time, one of the best ski racking trails in the U.S. But with the advent of modern lift systems the Thunderbolt fell into disrepair and was virtually un-skiable by the 1980s. But fret not, the Thunderbolt has been restored to its old glory for skiers looking for a very different, lift-less skiing experience.

To learn more, listen to the NPR story here:

Or read the story here: Skiing The Thunderbolt: A Modern Day Sport Tackles A Historic Trail

Or check out the website: The Thunderbolt Ski Run

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Powder Keg Winter Rail Jam

Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort is hosting their first Powder Keg Winter Rail Jam this Saturday, December 14, 2013 from 10 AM to 4 PM. The contest is open to snowboarders and skiers and will feature four divisions:

  • Male 15-years-old and Under
  • Male 16-years-old and Up
  • Female 15-years-old and Under
  • Female 16-years-old and Up

While there watching the competition you may want to check out their new Bagjump Airbag.

Newly reopened this year, Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort is located in Middlefield, CT

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Powder Ridge Returning for the 2013 / 2014 Ski Season

Skiing SilhouettePowder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort in Middlefield, CT was founded in 1959. What started as a rope tow ski area had the distinction of being the first ski area in New England to install a quad chair lift. Falling upon hard times, the ski area closed after the 2006/2007 ski season.

Enough of the history! The important news is that the Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park plans to reopen the ski area in December of 2013. Brownstone’s plans call for them not only to operate it in the winter, but to make it a year-round operation.

The grand opening for Powder Ridge will be this Friday, November 29, 2013. As of the opening there will still be work being done on the area and the Marketplace where there will be retail stores and a cafeteria should open around mid-December, which is also the projected opening time frame for the Fire at the Ridge restaurant.

So it is time to take Powder Ridge off of the list of lost New England ski areas and make it point to head on over for some great skiing.

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Two of the Best Ski Towns in the World are in New England

National Geographic recently put out their list of the World’s 25 Best Ski Towns. Two New England ski destinations are on that list:

  • North Conway, New Hampshire with seven different downhill areas and six Nordic ski centers within an easy drive of town and plenty of after ski fun.
  • Stowe, Vermont – Luxury lodging, “more three- and four-star restaurants than any ski town in the Northeast”, and Stowe Mountain Resort.
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Text Your Way to a Massachusetts Ski Deal

The Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism has teamed up with ski resorts throughout the Commonwealth to create a great way for you to save money on lift tickets, lessons, or receive other deals. All you have to do is text a keyword to 74642 to receive a text on your phone that entitles you to the deal. Available deals include:

  • Text MACatamount to 74642: Get a deal on learn to ski and snowboard packages at Catamount.
  • Text MAJiminy to 74642: Get a free lift ticket with a learn to ski or ride program at
    Jiminy Peak.
  • Text MASkiBoston to 74642: Get a discounted trail pass and rental at Weston Ski Track
  • Text MAWachusett to 74642: Get a breakfast voucher at Wachusett.
  • Text MAAmesbury to 74642: Get discounted admission at Amesbury Sports Park.
  • Text MASKIWARD to 74642: Get buy get one free lift tickets on Wednesday and Saturday nights at Ski Ward
  • Text MAButternut to 74642: Get $25 lift tickets Monday through Friday at Ski Butternut

Some date and other restrictions may apply. See Skiing / snowboarding for more information.

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Substantial Improvement in Northern New England Skiing

The good news is that the last storm was mostly snow up north and almost every ski area in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont is reporting the pickup of new natural snow. With this influx of snow the conditions have improved markedly. While there still are a lot of closed trails, those that are open have a good base and are reporting good conditions.

Southern New England did not fare as well in the last storm picking up rain or mostly rain. With that, the ski areas are still open and doing well with what is open. The returning cold weather should help their snow making significantly.

The good news all around is deep freeze. It is supposed to get really cold this weekend, and with that, lots of snow making. Up north there is also the possibility for some more new snow.

See our full New England Ski Report for more details on conditions.

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Mother Nature Only Partly Cooperating for Skiers

Today Mother Nature is smacking us with another weather event. In Southern New England (CT & RI) it is raining. In Massachusetts it started as rain/snow and changed to a wintry mix and then all rain. Northern New England got some accumulating snow in the morning, but true to Mother Nature’s uncooperative nature, that is supposed to change to a wintry mix as the day progresses.

So we still await a good, big, all-snow, storm…

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Winter 2011/2012 a Continuing Challenge for New England Skiers

The winter with no snow continues to present challenges for skiers and ski areas. I guess calling it a winter with no snow is a bit harsh as some areas of northern New England have seen some of the natural stuff. But snowfall totals are way below normal going into the second week of January…

This week finds ski areas pretty much where they were last week. Nobody is even close to full operation. There is a lot of man-made snow with and some occasional real snow, but bases, and conditions are not where they should be. If you are a cross country skier the outlook is even more bleak. With little to no snow on Nordic ski trails most are either not open or open for winter hiking – good exercise, but not quite the same thing.

Understand though that the ski areas are doing everything in their power to provide a good skiing experience. Even with the challenging snow conditions, there is still some good skiing to be found. You just are not going to find the diversity you would if all of an area’s trails were open…

Keep thinking snow and hopefully Mother Nature will start too cooperate soon before we begin to run out of winter…

Check out our latest updated ski report.

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Cranmore Kicking of the New Year in Style

Cranmore Mountain Resort has a bunch of fun activities planned for the new year. Events happening in January include:

  • January 6: Ticket roll-back day where the price of a lift ticket is only $9.
  • January 7:
    • Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge
    • Cranapalooza – Cranapalooza is a festival of music, entertainment and games
    • Darkside – Night series at the Darkside terrain park
  • January 13: Cranmore Comedy Night
  • January 14: Cranapalooza – Cranapalooza with fireworks at 6:30 PM
  • January 21:
    • Biodiesel day – drivers of hybrid vehicles receive a free lift ticket
    • Cranapalooza
  • January 28: Cranapalooza – Cranapalooza with fireworks at 6:30 PM
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New England Ski Conditions Improving

While eastern and southern New England are still getting rain, the Berkshires and northern New England are finally starting to see some snow. This Friday check-in on New England skiing finds most ski areas open but still operating at a small fraction of their capacity. Open trail counts are going up slowly as they make snow. With the help of some of the natural stuff trail openings should increase. Cross country skiing is still a challenge as there is not enough snow on the ground yet to open most trail systems.

For the latest Alpine conditions see our New England Ski Report.

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