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Ghostly Happenings in Bangor, Maine

Picture of a Ghost Walking up StairsHalloween is fast approaching and what better way to get in the mood than a Ghostly walking tour of Bangor, ME visiting with some former residents still hanging around to tend to unfinished business. On this tour you will visit several sites famous for their ghostly activity. Bring a friend or the whole family and prepare to hear some spooky tales of Bangor’s dead but not yet departed…

Tours are given on Thursdays and Saturdays. Remaining tours this season are on October 17, 19, 24, 26, 28, and 30, 2013. All tours leave from the Thomas A. Hill House.

For other haunted walking tours we have written about see:

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Ghost Tours in Connecticut

Picture of a Fog Enshrouded GraveyardWe had a lot of fun last year with our series on ghost tours, and our recent post Mystic Hauntings proved to be equally popular. But readers were quick to point out that we have not yet highlighted any ghost tours in Connecticut. To rectify this over site on our part we offer up the following ghost tours in Connecticut. Happy hauntings…


ConneCTions offers one-day or multi-day ghost tours for groups. Four haunting itineraries led by ghost hunter Donna Kent are offered:

  1. Haunted Southwest Connecticut
  2. Haunted Eastern Connecticut
  3. Haunted Northwest Connecticut
  4. Haunted Southeast Connecticut

Ghosts of New Haven

Ghosts of New Haven offers two leisurely 90 minute walking tours, each of less than one mile:

  1. A Haunting in Connecticut: The New Haven Ghost Walk
  2. The Wallingford Ghost Tour

Seaside Shadows in Mystic

Seaside Shadows offers haunted history tours in Mystic.Check out their:

  • Downtown Mystic Tour
  • Special event tours at other confirmed haunted locations

West Hartford Hauntings

West Hartford Hauntings offers a lantern-lit walking tour of the North Cemetery with an in-character guide hearing the story of the guide’s life. There are different stories each year to keep you coming back for more.

Other New England ghost tours include:

Learn More About New England’s Ghosts

If you would like to learn more about New England’s ghosts you may wish to check out some of these books:

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Looking for a Ghost Tour in Boston?

With Halloween fast approaching who is not in the mood for a good ghost tour? There’s nothing like sharing an evening with things that go bump in the night to get the blood flowing… Well if you are looking for some ghostly and ghastly fun in Boston how about trying out one of these ghost tours?

  • Boston Ghost & Legends Lantern Tour – This is a 90 minute walking tour of Boston that brings you through historic parts of the city while you learn of executions, strange happenings, witches, and more.
  • Ghosts & Gravestones Tour – Learn about Boston’s darker side and most haunted sites on the 90 minute Ghosts and Gravestones Tour.
  • Haunted Boston Ghost Tours – Take a 90 minute walking tour of Boston’s historic and haunted streets learning about Boston’s most famous ghosts and rich history.

So if your are looking for a little hair raising fun in Boston this Halloween how partying with the ghosts?

Also check out many of New England’s other ghost tours:

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Ghost Tours of Newport

Are you ready to bring the haunted past of Newport, RI back to life? If you dare you may want to check out the two tours of Ghost Tours of Newport.

Ghost Tours of Newport offers two haunting guided tours:

  1. Olde Town Ghost Walk – This is a lantern-led tour of historic Newport learning about ghosts, and legends of Newport.
  2. Carved in Stone – This is a tour of Newport’s Common Burying Ground where the oldest grave dates to 1672. This is run in only in October.

The season for Ghost Tours of Newport runs from April through November. Tours are held in the evening and depart from the 2nd floor lobby of the Newport Marriott just outside of Fathoms Restaurant for the Olde Town Ghost Walk and from the Newport Visitors Center on 23 America’s Cup Avenue for the Carved in Stone tour. The tours are less than a mile in length and last about 90 minutes. Please note that the Carved in Stone Tour only runs on Saturdays in October.

So if your travels take you to Newport, RI any time soon, maybe you should take a walk on the haunted side of town – if you dare…

For other New England ghost tours see:

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Wicked Walking Tours’ Ghost Tours of Portland, ME

Yet another in our series on spine tingling, hair raising walking tours…

Up this time is a walking tour of Portland, Maine by Wicked Walking Tours. Wicked Walking Tours ghost tour covers pirates, witches, Indians and more in a walking tour of less than a half a mile that lasts for about an hour.

Wicked Walking Tours only uses experienced actors and/or comedians as guides who tun the walks into theater and even stand-up comedy at times!

What will you learn on a tour? Well, how about…

  • A Minister who was first attacked by Indians and then executed as a witch
  • A disembodied diva
  • Lula, a Captain’s daughter, and a Mayflower descendant, who forever haunts the docks, waiting for a ship that never came in
  • Murderous pirates
  • A cursed society lady, ghosts and more…

Tours run Tuesday through Sunday at 8:00 PM, and for those of you who prefer things that go bump in the night better when it is not night, you may prefer their 10:30 AM tours.

So check out the tour that that Maine Sunday Telegram gave a Readers Choice Award in 2011.

You can see our previous posts on this topic here:

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More Ghost Tours (and more) from New England Curiosities in Portsmouth, NH

By now you know we like things that go bump in the night, or stories of things that go bump in the night. Check out our previous posts on ghost tours:

Up next for your spine tingling pleasure is New England Curiosities in Portsmouth, NH. New England Curiosities is the creation of Roxie J. Zwicker who is the author of many books including Haunted Pubs of New England, Haunted Portsmouth, Haunted Cemeteries of New England, and more.

New England Curiosities offers several different tours, including:

  • Haunted Pubs of Portsmouth Walk visiting some of Portsmouth’s historic and haunted taverns
  • York Village (ME) Shadows of the Past Tour
  • Maritime Mysteries & Ghostly Lighthouse visiting Portsmouth’s waterfront
  • Historic Portsmouth Legends & Ghosts, an evening walk to some of Portsmouth’s most historic and haunted places
  • Shadows & Stones exploring New Hampshire’s oldest graveyard
  • Legends, Ghosts & Graves Tour, an extended tour of locations in historic Portsmouth
  • Haunted Theater Tours

Roxie also does day trips in Maine and New Hampshire and is in the process of developing Massachusetts day trips. She does many lectures and speaking engagements and can be hired to present on her fascinating, haunting, and historic topics.

2012 tours kick off in April, so if your travels take you to Portsmouth be sure to check out one of Roxie’s tours.

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Queen City Ghostwalk, Burlington, Vermont

Logo for Queen City GhostwalkBy now you should know that we are suckers for a good ghost tour or walk (see our previous posts on this – Haunted Providence in Providence, RI, and Dead of Night Ghost Tours in Plymouth, MA).

Well we have another one for you, this one in Burlington, Vermont. Thea Lewis has been intriguing visitors with Burlington’s haunted history and quirky characters since founding Queen City Ghostwalk in 2002. Queen City Ghost walk offers four spirited tours:

Picture of a Queencity Ghostwalk in Burlington, VT

Roger and Thea Lewis

  1. Darkness Falls Tour – with ghosts of Burlington’s downtown
  2. Wicked Waterfront Tour – Haunting tales on the water, and on the shore allong with the inside Champ the lake monster with some UFOs thrown in
  3. Cemetary Tours – Spine tinglers from Burlington’s “resting” places
  4. Ghosts of UVM – one of America’s most haunted campuses

Currently Queen City Ghostwalk is in pre-season which means they offer private tours and events as weather permits.

Their 2012 10th anniversary season of regularly scheduled tours will kick-off in July, on Friday the 13th and run through October 31st. Check the website for schedules.

Also, be sure to check out their “Countdown to Halloween” events.

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Dead of Night Ghost Tours, Plymouth, MA

At Travel New England we are suckers for a good ghost tour (see: Haunted Providence), so when we came across this one we had to share…

Dead of Night Ghost Tours (you have got to love the name) in Plymouth bills themselves as “Plymouth’s original paranormal investigator led ghost tour.” They offer four tours:

  1. A Twilight Lantern Ghost Tour (approx. 90 minutes)
  2. Sunset Cemetery Tour (approx. 90 minutes)
  3. History Tour (approx. 60 minutes)
  4. History Scavenger Hunt (approx. 60 minutes)

Even if you do not believe in ghosts, ghost tours are always entertaining, and the history tour and scavenger hunt are great ways to get to know Plymouth a little better…

Dead of Night Ghost Tours offers tours year-round.

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Haunted Providence

Looking for something different to do in the City of Providence, RI? How about getting in touch with the city’s paranormal side with a Providence Ghost Tour?

Providence Ghost Tour was founded in 2006 and is a walking tour of Providence’s historic east side while the tour guides relate true blood chilling stories of murders, suicides, accidents, and untimely demise. The tours last approximately a half an hour and start at 8 PM during the summer (June, July, and August), and 7 PM in the fall (September, October, and November).

The Providence Ghost Tour is considered to be one of the top 10 ghost tours in the country by Tripadvisor.

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