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Beer in Vermont

Picture of a Draft BeerLast up in our Beer in New England series, but certainly not least, is Vermont.

If you want to catch our previous installments in this series you can find them here:

Vermont takes their breweries and brew pubs very seriously. Unique to New England states, there is a company in Vermont that offers “beer tours”. Burlington Brew Tours offers three different tours that take you to breweries, brew pubs, and beer houses in and around Burlington and Stowe. With over 20 breweries and beer pubs, Vermont can also lay claim to having the most breweries and brew pubs per capita of any New England state (Maine is a very very close second).

Following are the breweries, brew pubs, and beer festivals in Vermont:

Vermont Breweries

Vermont Brew Pubs

Vermont Beer Festivals

Vermont Brewer Organizations

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Beer in New Hampshire

Picture of Beer and BreadWe are in the home stretch of our Beer in New England Series. Up now is the Granite State – New Hampshire.

If you want to catch our previous installments in this series you can find them here:

New Hampshire has a nice selection of breweries and brew pubs, and is home to New England’s largest brewery, the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Merrimack. If you only have one place to go in New Hampshire to sample beer then head to Portsmouth. Portsmouth is home to two breweries – the Redhook Ale Brewery, and the Smuttynose Brewing Company, and one brew pub – the Portsmouth Brewery. In addition, the Throwback Brewery is only a few miles away in North Hampton. A close second would be Manchester with the Candia Road Brewing Company and Milly’s Tavern brew pub.

Following are the breweries, brew pubs, and beer festivals in New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Breweries

New Hampshire Brew Pubs

New Hampshire Beer Festivals

New Hampshire Brew on Premises

New Hampshire Brewer Organizations

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Beer in Connecticut

Picture of a Draft BeerIt is time for the next installment in our “Beer in New England” Series. If you missed the previous posts on this topic you can find them here:

Up this time is the State of Connecticut. While Connecticut may physically be the second smallest state, in population it is New England’s second largest. Given that one might expect to find more breweries and brew pubs then we found. Be that as it may, there is still a vibrant “beer scene” in Connecticut with a good number of breweries and brew pubs to get acquainted with, and we are told that there are many other breweries in the development phase so there will be more to look forward to…

Connecticut Breweries

We should also mention the The Hartford Better Beer Co.. They, however, brew their beer at the Shipyard Brewery in Maine.

Connecticut Brew Pubs

Connecticut Beer Festivals

Connecticut Brewing Organizations

Connecticut does not really have an active brewer’s guild or other brewing organizations, although we hear that one may be in the process of forming. Until then, the best resource for Connecticut beer is Bryon Turner’s CT Beer Trail.

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Beer in Rhode Island

Picture of a Glass of Pilsner BeerBeer in Rhode Island is the third installment in our Beer in New England series. Previous posts include:

Rhode Island Breweries

Listed below are all of the breweries that we could find in the State of Rhode Island. Please let us know if we missed any.

Rhode Island Brew Pubs

Rhode Island also has its share of brew pubs.

Rhode Island Beer Festivals

In keeping with their love of beer, Rhode Island plays host to several beer festivals throughout the year.

Rhode Island Brewer’s Organizations

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Fall 2011 Fun in Vermont

The press has spent too much time focused on the aftermath of Irene in Vermont. While as unfortunate as that event was, what is completely obscured by the lopsided coverage is the fact that most of Vermont is fine and gearing up for another wonderful fall foliage season. Here is a quick sample of things coming up this fall in Vermont:

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