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An RV Trip through New England

Guest Author: Joe Laing, El Monte RV

New England is a marvelous place for an RV vacation. In fact, you can easily visit five of the six states in one trip: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine! Most RV campers head for the mid-west where a day trip all takes place in one state. This is why New England offers a wide variety of sights and attractions that makes it the perfect destination for a short adventure covering a lot of ground.

Picture of New Haven, CT

New Haven, CT

Start out in New Haven, Connecticut. Here you can visit shops where you can find real bargains, or take to nature and hike a nearby trail. Beaches are nearby and you can spend a whole day just enjoying the sun. You will find RV camping at Totoket Valley Mobile Home and RV Park in North Branford, just six miles away.

Be sure to stop at the Lighthouse Point Park, a spot of serene beauty on the Long Island Sound. There is fishing from the pier and you can launch a boat at the public boat launch. This is a favorite place to do bird watching, as thousands of birds fly through every spring. Have a picnic under a shade tree and let the kids play on the swings. A family vacation isn’t complete without a relaxing picnic by the water.

You will take Interstate 95 the entire way on your journey through the New England states. Next stop is Rhode Island. This state has 400 miles of shoreline and plenty of great attractions for all ages. It is really a great idea to charter a short boat trip out into the waters off the coast for a unique adventure. And be sure not to miss seeing Goddard Memorial State Park, one of the state’s most popular parks. This natural environment is a pleasure to explore. With miles of trails, you can do some horseback riding as long as you want. There is even a golf course where you can take some time out for a game or two.

Picture of the Boston Skyline

Boston, MA

From Rhode Island, our trip continues on into Massachusetts to the north. Of course, Boston is always the top choice of Massachusetts’ cities to visit. With museums too numerous to count, historical attractions, professional sports, live theater, music and so much more, it would be easy to spend your entire vacation in Boston. But there is so much more to see on our trip so let’s keep going.

While on the way north, stop in Salem, Massachusetts to witness four centuries of architecture in one small area. History and culture combine to make this a fascinating place to explore. There are always events of some kind happening in Salem! While here head over to the waterfront to see the Salem Maritime National Historic Site. This national park takes you back in time to the ships and sailors of the Revolutionary War. Not trip to Salem is complete without checking into the more sordid history of the Salem Witch Trials. Be sure to check out the Salem Witch Museum and other attractions that chronicle this part of Salem’s history.

As you drive further north, you will arrive in New Hampshire with its beautiful scenery. A short side trip from Interstate 95 will have you at Hampton Beach State Park where you can soak up the sun on a sandy beach. As you move on northward into Maine, you will see why this is called “vacationland.” Be sure to check out the beautiful white sand beaches of Maine’s south coast area. Head further north to to see all that Portland has to offer before heading home. Portland has a wonderful waterfront (the Old Port) and a vibrant arts scene. It is also the micro-brew capital of Maine.

This has been a fulfilling New England journey, one to remember for a long time to come.

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