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The Carousel of Light Looks for a Permanent Home on Cape Cod

Picture of a Mother and Baby with a Carousel Horse

Two Happy Carousel Supporters at the May Food Truck Festival Fund Raising Event

A beautiful, hand-carved, carousel is looking for a permanent home on Cape Cod. Currently known as the Carousel of Light, the carousel is the creation of artist/carver Lance Shinkle. Starting in 1988, Lance began the painstaking process of hand carving horses, chariots, ornamental sculptures, as well as painting colorful scenery panels for a carousel. The carousel is done in a nautical theme with sea horses, mermaids and fishing nets in addition to the horses, chariots (which are wheel chair accessible), and sculptures. All of this is placed on top of a vintage 1947 Allan Hershell carousel mechanism with a calliope to provide the music.

The Carousel of Light first operated at the Barnstable County Fair in Falmouth as well as in Mashpee Commons in Hyannis. In 1999 Lance and his Carousel moved to California so that Lance could be with his ailing father. Lance returned to Falmouth in 2009 and the carousel followed him to Falmouth in February of this year.

Enter the Non-Profit Carousel of Light Inc.
Lance has agreed to donate his magnificent work of art to the Carousel of Light Inc. who have made it their mission to find the carousel a permanent home on the Cape with the goal of operating the carousel as much of the year as is economically feasible. Currently, the only way to see the carousel is to view some of the horses that are on display throughout the Town of Falmouth. The plan is to find an interim space to operate the carousel for the summer of 2014 and to find it a permanent home by the spring of 2015.

Donate to Help the Carousel find a Home
The Carousel of Light Inc. is taking donations to help them in their quest to find the carousel a home. You may donate to them on their website.

While not the only carousel on the Cape with hand-carved horses (the carousel at Heritage Museums & Gardens (c. 1911) also has hand-carved wooden horses), the Carousel of Light is the only one hand-carved on the Cape by a resident of the Cape and will be a wonderful family-oriented attraction for Cape Cod residents and visitors when it is up and running in a permanent home.

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  1. Thanks for the great article. We look forward to hearing from your visitors.
    We have three events this summer where folks can see the horses and even see a carving demonstration.
    Visit our web site at and click on the “events” page

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