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High Altitude Dinner Adventure – I finally did it!

A couple of months ago, I blogged about High Altitude Adventures in Killington, Vermont and how they offer unique hiking experiences to  snowshoe enthusiasts and novices alike (see: High Altitude Adventures bring High Altitude Fun!). In that blog post I mentioned that I wanted to try their High Altitude Dinner Adventure. Well, I finally did it with some friends and it was so much fun that I wanted to come back and tell you all about it. I’m sure you will want to do it too!

I’ll set the stage by saying that it was perfect weather for our hike – not too cold, not too warm – as the Three Bears would say, “It was just right.” And it was lightly snowing the entire evening; could we have asked for anything more magical? We met our guide, Mike, at the base of the Sunrise Mountain Inn & Resort where we got fitted for our snowshoes. On to our adventure! While the one-mile trail to the campsite is at an incline, it’s gradual and not at all difficult. Imagine hiking through the woods at night with only headlamps to guide your path. You get such a different sense of this environment; one I’ve not experienced before. It was truly wonderful.

Picture of Lighted Tents in the WoodsApproaching the campsite was even more magical because the tents and nearby trees were all outlined with small white lights and the waiting campfire seemed to invite you to sit and stay while. All this with snow lightly making its way down all around – just perfect! There was a group of 12 others, celebrating the 70th birthday of a loved one, who hiked up shortly before we, and who were in the larger tent where the cooking for our feast was underway. Our nearby tent was a bit smaller but very roomy, cozy, and heated! As we entered the tent, the same white lights decorated our table which was nicely set for our multi-course meal to be served by our guide (who took very good care of us, by the way). The High Altitude folks do their best to make your evening extra special with great ambience and service. In fact, they will even carry up your alcoholic beverage of choice – thanks, Mike!

Our meal started off with wine, shrimp cocktail, cheese, a culinary artichoke spread, and crackers, and was followed by turkey chili, soup, salad, shrimp scampi, and more, down to decadent brownies made by one of the guides. Of course, my good friends and laughter made the evening even more fun. Three hours after our arrival at camp (you can head back down whenever you want) we made our way back to the resort base – much quicker going down!

Something to consider as you make your plans: while you can do the Dinner Adventure anytime during the winter months, the best time is March because temperatures are better for evening hikes. In fact, we had originally planned our hike for the end of January, but for the first time ever, it was cancelled because it was expected to go down to 12 below – yikes! Lastly, while many people have caught glimpses of animals during their hike, we did not. However the next day, we did see a huge moose at the edge of the woods on our way home! Awesome…

I promise, if you do this hike, you will have a great time! Be sure to visit the High Altitude Adventures site for all the specifics.

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  1. Excellent blog post! I will definitely give this a try next season.

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