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Newburyport Winter Carnival – Now Postponed for a Week

This just in. After review the City of Newburyport had decided to postpone their winter carnival by a week. To quote them:

City Officials have decided to postpone this weekend’s Winter Carnival until next Saturday, February 9 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Despite valiant efforts by the Frog Pond Skating Club and Department of Public Services to prepare the ice and manufacture a sledding hill, temperatures will not be cold enough long enough to ensure the safety of the ice. Damage to the lawn at the Bartlet Mall is also a concern as the muddy ground may not have time to refreeze sufficiently to support the event traffic the park will receive.

I know that with temperatures well into the 50s and the heavy rain we saw overnight you might not be thinking about winter carnivals. But winter is not quite half over and temperatures are supposed to fall below freezing tonight and stay that way into the weekend.

The Town of Newburyport, MA wants to get the word out that their Winter Carnival is still on for Saturday, February 2, 2013. The winter fun is planned for the Bartlet Mall from 11 AM to 3 PM. They are planning to have skating on the frog pond and are trying to come up with some sort of miracle to have a sledding hill (since Mother Nature so unkindly washed away any snow cover). Be sure not to miss the Human Dog Sled Race.

Great winter fun should be had by all so if you find yourself in Newburyport this Saturday head on over to the Bartlet Mall for some winter festivities (really… winter is coming back tonight…)

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  1. The wanted snow. Now we are going to get to much at the wrong time… They have cancelled the carnival. To quote them:

    It might sound strange to cancel a winter carnival due to snow, but city officials have decided to cancel Saturday’s Newburyport Winter Carnival because of the predicted storm.

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