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How About Candy for Valentine’s Day?

Picture of a Box of ChocolateYes I know that candy on Valentine’s day is a bit of a cliche. It is typically the province of those with little imagination, time, or both. But before you go giving me grief for lack of imagination, how about a way to give your honey bunny candy that is creative and imaginative? Try one of these on for size…

Travel the Connecticut Chocolate Trail

What better way to get that special someone candy than to make a romantic road-trip out of it? Connecticut makes it easy to visit chocolate makers with their

Visit a Candy Maker

While the other New England states may not have a “chocolate trail”, they still have many makers of fine, hand-crafted candy. Here are just a few to find that perfect assortment…

How About Wine and Chocolate?

Perhaps you would like to pair a little wine with your chocolate? If so, you may want to check out these events:

Or simply try Taylor Brooke Chocolate Essence, a port style wine with chocolate in it at the Taylor Brooke Winery in Woodstock, CT.

Take A Chocolate Walking Tour of Boston

Boston Chocolate Tours offers 3 different chocolate walking tours of parts of Boston along with a cupcake crawl. What a unique way to give candy, and it comes with exercise so you can eat more…

Attend a Chocolate Festival

Celebrate your love and chocolate by attending a chocolate festival. Here are some February chocolate festivals to pick from:

So there you have it, some very creative ways to give candy for Valentine’s day…

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