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New England’s Old Grist Mills

Picture of the Wayside Inn Grist Mill in Sudbury, MA

The Wayside Inn Grist Mill in Sudbury, MA

In our post about taking great fall pictures (How to Take a Great Fall Foliage Picture) we identified grist mills as a wonderful “prop” for taking a great foliage picture. To help you out, we thought that we would pull together a round-up of New England’s water powered mills – both grist mills and sawmills. It turns out that there are still quite a few of them left in the six state region, many dating back to the 1700s and 1800s, and one even dating back to 1654!

Following is a round-up of New England’s still operating water-powered mills:

Connecticut Grist Mills

Maine Grist Mills

Massachusetts Grist Mills

New Hampshire Grist Mills

Rhode Island Grist Mills

Vermont Grist Mills

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