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Wicked Walking Tours’ Ghost Tours of Portland, ME

Yet another in our series on spine tingling, hair raising walking tours…

Up this time is a walking tour of Portland, Maine by Wicked Walking Tours. Wicked Walking Tours ghost tour covers pirates, witches, Indians and more in a walking tour of less than a half a mile that lasts for about an hour.

Wicked Walking Tours only uses experienced actors and/or comedians as guides who tun the walks into theater and even stand-up comedy at times!

What will you learn on a tour? Well, how about…

  • A Minister who was first attacked by Indians and then executed as a witch
  • A disembodied diva
  • Lula, a Captain’s daughter, and a Mayflower descendant, who forever haunts the docks, waiting for a ship that never came in
  • Murderous pirates
  • A cursed society lady, ghosts and more…

Tours run Tuesday through Sunday at 8:00 PM, and for those of you who prefer things that go bump in the night better when it is not night, you may prefer their 10:30 AM tours.

So check out the tour that that Maine Sunday Telegram gave a Readers Choice Award in 2011.

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