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Beer in Connecticut

Picture of a Draft BeerIt is time for the next installment in our “Beer in New England” Series. If you missed the previous posts on this topic you can find them here:

Up this time is the State of Connecticut. While Connecticut may physically be the second smallest state, in population it is New England’s second largest. Given that one might expect to find more breweries and brew pubs then we found. Be that as it may, there is still a vibrant “beer scene” in Connecticut with a good number of breweries and brew pubs to get acquainted with, and we are told that there are many other breweries in the development phase so there will be more to look forward to…

Connecticut Breweries

We should also mention the The Hartford Better Beer Co.. They, however, brew their beer at the Shipyard Brewery in Maine.

Connecticut Brew Pubs

Connecticut Beer Festivals

Connecticut Brewing Organizations

Connecticut does not really have an active brewer’s guild or other brewing organizations, although we hear that one may be in the process of forming. Until then, the best resource for Connecticut beer is Bryon Turner’s CT Beer Trail.

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  1. In the brewpub section you forgot BAR in New Haven. They’ve been brewing beer for over 15 years in downtown New Haven.

  2. Eli Cannons in Middletown

  3. Connecticut now has an active Brewers Guild!

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