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Beer in Maine

Picture of a Pint of BeerWhat started as one-upping MassVacation promoting Massachusetts breweries turned out to be so popular we decided to make this a series giving the same treatment to all of the New England States. You can see what is now the first installment in our beer around New England series here: Beer in Massachusetts.

Next up is the State of Maine. Maine takes their breweries very seriously. Maine has more breweries than Massachusetts, which is surprising because while not as big as Maine, Massachusetts has a much larger population. The only (non-scientific) conclusion we can draw from this is that they really like their beer in Maine.

Maine Breweries

Listed below are all of the breweries that we could find in the State of Maine:

Maine Brew Pubs

As popular as the breweries are the state’s brew pubs…

While not a brew pub, also worth mentioning for their slavish devotion to serving truly great and unique beer is the Novare Res Bier Cafe in Portland.

Maine Brew Festivals

In keeping with their love of beer, Maine plays host to several beer festivals throughout the year.

Maine Brewer’s Organizations

Maine also has a very active brewers guild.

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