Maine Covered Bridges

Picture of the Porter-Parsonsfield Bridge in Porter, ME

Porter-Parsonsfield Bridge in Porter, ME

Once upon a time there were hundreds of covered bridges in the state of Maine. Time and the elements have taken their toll until now there are only nine of Maine’s original covered bridges built in the 19th and early 20th century left in Maine. There are also many more much newer covered bridges in Maine.

Maine Covered Bridges Quick Facts

  • Longest original covered bridge: The Watson Settlement Bridge (170′) in Littleton
  • Shortest original covered bridge: The Lovejoy Bridge (70′) in Andover
  • Oldest original covered bridge: The Hemlock Bridge in Fryeburg (1857). The Lowes Bridge in Guilford-Sangerville has been at the same location since 1857 but was rebuilt in 1990 after the original was washed away.

Maine’s Original Covered Bridges

  • Andover, ME
    • Lovejoy Bridge – Built in 1868. 70′ long. On Covered Bridge Road over the Ellis River.
  • Corinth, ME
    • Robyville Bridge – Built in 1876. 73′ long. On Covered Bridge Road over Kenduskeag Stream.
  • Fryeburg, ME
    • Hemlock Bridge – Built in 1857. 109′ long. On Hemlock Bridge Road over an old channel of the Saco River.
  • Guilford-Sangerville, ME
    • Lowes Bridge – Built in 1857 (Washed away in 1987 and rebuilt in 1990). 120′ long. On Lowes Bridge Road over the Piscataquis River.
  • Lincoln Plantation, ME
    • Bennett Bridge – Built in 1901. 93′ long. On Littlehale Road over the Magalloway River.
  • Littleton, ME
    • Watson Settlement Bridge – Built in 1911. 170′ long. On Carson Road over Meduxnekeag Stream.
  • Newery, ME
    • Sunday River Bridge or Artist’s Covered Bridge – Built in 1872. 87′ long. On Sunday River Road over the Sunday River.
  • Porter, ME
    • Porter-Parsonsfield Bridge – Built in 1859. 152′ long. On ME 160 over the Ossipee River
  • South Windham, ME
    • Babb’s Bridge – Built in 1864 (replica built in 1976 tor replace original destroyed by vandals). 79′ long. On Covered Bridge Road over the Presumpscot River

Significant Newer Covered Bridges in Maine

  • Bangor, ME
    • Cole Land Transportation Museum Bridge – Built in 1994. 72′ long. At the Cole Land Transportation Museum over a stream.
  • Bethel, ME
    • Bethel Recreational Pathway Bridge – Built in 2001. 50′ long. In Davis Park over a stream.
    • Big Adventure Bridge – Built in 1999. 50′ long. In the Big Adventure Center over a stream.
  • Boothbay, ME
    • Lincoln Bridge – Built in 1993. 55′ long. On Dolphin Mini Golf over a stream
  • Bradley Township, ME
    • Leonard’s Mills Bridge – Built in 1989. 71′ long. On an unnamed road over Blackman Stream.
  • Bridgton, ME
    • Bob Dunning Memorial Bridge – Built in 2010. 60′ long. Off Depot Street over Stevens Brook.
  • Scarborough, ME
    • Flaherty’s Family Farm Bridge – Built in 1983. 90′ long. Payne Road over Beaver Brook.
  • Topsham, ME
    • Sagadahoc Bridge – Built in 1991. 78′ long. On Elm Street over a Brook.

Additional Maine Covered Bridge Resources

For more in-depth information on Maine’s covered bridges see the following:

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