Nantucket Bike Paths

Nantucket has over 30 miles of bike paths for your biking pleasure. All of these paths are separate from adjacent roads and allow you to see most of the island. Of course, on-road biking is also available, but you do need to be more careful and vigilant when riding in traffic. The Island of Nantucket is relatively small and flat making for relatively easy biking that can be fun for the whole family.

Popular bike paths on Nantucket include:

  • Airport Road Path
  • Cliff Road Path – From Cliff Beach to Madaket Road
  • Eel Point Road Path – Along Eel Point Road out toward Dionis Beach
  • Fairgrounds Road Bike Path – From Old South Road to Surfside Road
  • Nobadeer Farm Road Path – Along Nobadeer to Old South road
  • Madaket Road Path – This path starts at the Caton Circle and goes out Madaket Road 5.7 miles to Madaket Beach.
  • Milestone Road Path – A nice long path from the rotary out to Sconset Beach. This path is 6.8 miles in length.
  • Polpis Road Path – Start at the Rotary and head along Polpis Road to Sconset beach for a 9.5 mile ride
  • Surfside Road Path – This 2.2 mile long path goes from the high school to Surfside Beach.
  • South Shore Road Path – Along South Shore Road

Please note that all quoted distances are one-way.

Nantucket Regional Transit Authority vehicles have bike racks for up to two bikes to help you to get from Town to the bike paths.

See Nantucket Online for a great map of Nantucket bike paths or the Nantucket Regional Transit Authority for more information and another map of Nantucket bike paths.

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