Vermont Wineries

Picture of a Glass of Red and a Glass of White WineWhen you think of Vermont, you think of covered bridges, the Green Mountains, Lake Champlain, maple syrup, and fabulous skiing. Typically you would not think of fine wine. But Vermont has over 20 wineries, many of which make wine from classic vinifera grapes or hardy hybrids. It is true, as one would expect of such a northern climate, that many of the wineries make wine from apples and other fruit either exclusively, or as a complement to their grape-based wines. Regardless of whether a winery is making wine from grapes or other fruit, Vermont wineries produce some excellent wine.

Vermont currently has no federally designated American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) so all wine bottled in Vermont would carry a Vermont appellation. Vermont’s first commercial grape vineyard and winery, Snow Farm Vineyard, was established in 1996. Since then the Vermont wine industry has grown to 22 vineyards with more on the way.

So the next time you are in Vermont, add a winery to your itinerary. Perhaps combine a fall foliage tour with a wine tour. There are few better ways to spend time in Vermont.

The Wineries of Vermont

Following are the wineries currently in operation in the State of Vermont.

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