New England Fall Leaf Color Guide

In the fall, leaves change color according to their chemical composition – the predominance of other pigments in addition to chlorophyll (see: Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall?). Following is a list of many of the more common trees found in New England and the color their foliage turns in the autumn of each year.

Tree Fall Leaf Color
Ash Yellow to Orange to Red to Purple
Aspen Yellow
Beech Light tan
Birch Yellow
Black Tupelo Crimson
Cedar Evergreen
Dogwood Purplish red
Elm Gold / yellow
Fir Evergreen
Hemlock Evergreen
Hickory Golden bronze
Laurel Evergreen
Maple – Black Maple Yellow
Maple – Striped Maple Almost colorless
Maple – Sugar Maple Orange-red
Maple – Red Maple Scarlet
Oak Red, brown, or russet
Pine Evergreen
Poplar Yellow
Redbud Gold / Yellow
Rhododendrons Evergreen
Sourwood Crimson
Spruce Evergreen
Sumac Maroon
Sweet Gum / Black Gum Red / Magenta / Purple
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